Introducing GLUCODOWN® Diabetic Formula Supplements!

GLUCODOWN® Diabetic Formula Iced Tea, Cappuccino and Horchata mixes are daily supplements for blood sugar & digestive health!  Clinical studies demonstrate the ingredients in GLUCODOWN® may help slow your body's absorption of dietary sugars; may help moderate the rise in your blood glucose levels after-meals; and, may help you maintain regular digestive health!

But, best of all, GLUCODOWN® supplements are great-tasting and economical enough to drink everyday!  And, the GLUCODOWN® Diabetic Formula means every delicious serving has no sugar, no caffeine and is a good source of soluble dietary fiber!

GLUCODOWN® is now available for purchase in the "Diabetic Supplies" aisle at your local Walmart pharmacy, at Walmart.com and at Amazon!

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You Decide!

Certain clinical studies indicate the ingredients in GLUCODOWN® may have important beneficial impacts on blood sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol plus regular digestive health.

Take Control!

A healthy body mass index (BMI); our ethnicity and family medical history; more physical activity & lower stress; and good nutrition - these factors largely determine our risk for pre and Type-2 diabetes.

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