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Today, diabetes is a topic of discussion in virtually every American family.  At this website, you will learn about the lifestyle factors that increase your risk of developing Type-2 diabetes...and its many debilitating complications, including cardio-vascular disease, stroke, nephropathy (kidney damage) and neuropathy (nerve damage).  You will also read about people who take Glucose Health® as part of their daily routine - which when combined with modest lifestyle changes offers a natural path forward to a better and more healthy future!

Glucose Health® is a natural dietary supplement available in a pleasant tasting Blueberry Tea Mix - just add water to taste.  The 9 vital ingredients in the Glucose Health® formula include soluble extracts of Blueberry, Cinnamon Tree Bark, Green Tea Leaf, White Tea Leaf, Vitamin C, extract of Stevia Leaf, extract of Purple Carrots, Vitamin C, Chromium Picolinate and natural soluble dietary fiber from Corn. Certain clinical studies indicate these particular ingredients have important impacts upon blood sugar, insulin, triglycerides and cholesterol, of interest to persons with pre-diabetes and Type-2 diabetes. 

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Insulin resistance is the first indication of a potential future with health complications related to pre-diabetes and Type-2 diabetes. Insulin is a hormone which enables the cells in your body to absorb blood glucose. Insulin resistance occurs when higher than normal levels of glucose begin to accumulate in the blood.  Insulin resistance is associated with elevated levels of triglycerides and lower levels of HDL ("good" cholesterol).  Insulin resistance is an opportunity - if discovered - because it is reversible with changes to certain lifestyle factors.  Insulin resistance often progresses to pre-diabetes.  Today, more than 86 million persons are estimated to be prediabetic.  Pre-diabetes is also reversible with only modest changes in lifestyle.  Current research indicates pre-diabetes will generally progress to a diagnosis of Type-2 diabetes within 10 years if left un-managed.  Once a diagnosis of Type-2 diabetes is made, the management of cholesterol (lipid targets) becomes essential - in addition to managing blood sugar. The fact is persons with Type-2 diabetes have risk of major coronary events similar to that of (non-diabetic) individuals with already established coronary heart disease.  The bottom line - taking action today, can mean a more healthy future.  

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Drink Glucose Health® before or after breakfast, lunch or dinner - instead of a high calorie afternoon snack (the fiber content of Glucose Health® is similar to the leading fiber-only supplements such as Metamucil or Benefiber) - or as a sports drink to stay hydrated during exercise.  Choose your goals and Glucose Health® can help you achieve them! 

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Certain clinical studies indicate the 9 essential ingredients in Glucose Health® have important impacts on glucose, insulin, triglycerides and cholesterol of particular interest to persons with pre-diabetes or Type-2 diabetes.

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A healthy body mass index (BMI); our ethnicity and family medical history; more physical activity & lower stress; and good nutrition - these factors largely determine our risk for pre and Type-2 diabetes.

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